Asteroid (51166) Huimanto = 2000 HW63

Orbital Elements at Epoch 2459396.5 = 2021-Jul-01.0 TDB (JPL Solution 34)

Eccentricity \(e\)
Semimajor axis \(a\) (au)
Inclination \(i\) ()
Longitude of ascending node \(\Omega\) ()
Argument of perihelion \(\omega\) () 339.19774
Perihelion epoch \(t_{\rm p}\) (TDB) 2019-May-26.574

According to Maseiro et al. (2017, AJ, 741, 68), the asteroid has a diametre of 8.54 0.46 km, and has a comet-like geometric albedo (4.2 0.5)%.

Orbit of the asteroid plotted by Orbit Viewer of JPL Horizons. Positions of the asteroid and the major planets are on UTC 2020-08-23.0. The direction of the vernal equinox and the normal of the ecliptic are drawn as two orthogonal yellow solid lines. The arc of the asteroid's orbit above the ecliptic is shown as the white solid curve, while the thinner section is below the ecliptic.

The announcement was made in WGSBN Bull. 1, #2, 26 on 2021 June 11th:


I quite like the provisional and permanent designations of this asteroid. My appreciation for people at the Lowell Observatory naming this asteroid after me.