Open Cluster

M 35 = NGC 2168


Image M 35 = NGC 2168
EXIF Time 2010/12/04 20:55:49 UT - 21:57:56 UT
Place WangMuDian, HuangPi, Wuhan, China
Telescope Intane APO 8.0-cm refractor, f/7
Mount NEQ5 Pro
Camera Canon EOS 400D (ISO 800)
Exposure 60 s x 38 frames
Processing 38 images stacked in DeepSkyStacker 3.2.2 with dark frames subtracted; fixed with Fitswork V4.40, IRIS V5.56 and Photoshop CS3 Extended; 0.5x resized and cropped;
Comments images taken by Zhu Mao and processed by me; Note that another smaller open cluster NGC 2158 is visible to the lower left of M35. Click to view a full resolution version.




Copyright © Man-To Hui (Wentao Xu)

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