Total Solar Eclipse on March 29, 2006

El Salloum, Egypt

31°33'??" N, 25°09'??" E, ???m





Image Composite of Corona
Time 2006/03/29 ?? UTC - ?? UTC
Place El Salloum (Egyptian Desert near Libyan border)
Optics ??
Camera Nikon E4500 digital camera (ISO 100)
Exposure 1/500 s - 1/2 s
Processing composite of 18 images processed with Fitswork 4.25, Photoshop CS3 Extended and IRIS 5.56;
Comments crystal clear sky; images taken by Donghua Chen and processed by Man-To Hui; darkened corners due to the processing;
Click on the image to display the higher resolution image version (1.0 MB, PNG format).





Copyright © Donghua Chen, Man-To Hui (Wentao Xu)

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