Total Solar Eclipse on Nov 14, 2012

Mulligan Highway, Queensland, Australia

16°24'40.09"S, 144°45'23.72"E, Alt. 404 m






Image Composite of Solar Corona in TSE 2012
Time 2012/11/13, 2nd contact 20:37:57 UTC, total eclipse duration 121 s
Place Mulligan Highway, NW of Cairns, QLD, Australia
Optics Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L USM set to 200mm, f/4.0
Camera Canon EOS 50D (ISO 100)
Mount Astrotrac TT320X-AG, tracking in solar rate
Exposure 1/500 s - 4 s: 3 x 4s, 3 x 2.5 s, 2 x 2 s, 8 x 1 s, 3 x 1/10 s, 6 x 1/20 s, 8 x 1/50 s, 14 x 1/100 s, 19 x 1/500 s.
Processing composite of 66 images, individual calibrated, registered in IRIS V5.59, further processed in IRIS V5.59, Fitswork V4.44 and Photoshop CS3 Extended; visualizationally enhanced using Larson-Sekanina Filter in Fitswork V4.44, and radial unsharp mask and radial weighting techniques in IRIS V5.59;
Comments It took me one and a half month to achieve this relatively satisfactory result. Earthlit lunar silhouette was vaguely discernible to the naked eye visually, however, it eluded my photographs, probably due to the negative factor from a layer of faint high thin clouds. North approximately up.

Click on the image to display the higher resolution image version (50% resized, 2.5 MB, PNG format). For original size, click here (9.2 MB, PNG format). I contributed the raw images to Miloslav Druckmüller, who has created an marvelous wide angle image of the corona along with images from Robert Slobins and Constantinos Emmanouilidis.



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