Number of My SOHO-Comet Discoveries: 10

PS: All the following comets belong to the Kreutz sungrazing family otherwise noted.

No. Disc. Date IAU designation   SOHO des.    Discovery     Images / Notes
MPEC link Telescope
1 11/19/2005
C/2005 W7 (SOHO) SOHO-1050 C3 Animation-1, 2 2 05/20/2006 C/2006 K10 (SOHO) SOHO-1143 C2 Animation 3 06/05/2006 C/2006 L4 (SOHO) SOHO-1159 C2 Animation 4 07/14/2006 C/2006 N3 (SOHO) SOHO-1173 C3 Animation 5 10/06/2006 C/2006 T5 (SOHO) SOHO-1198 C2 Animation
6 12/27/2006 C/2006 Y13 (SOHO) SOHO-1247 C3 Animation
7 12/28/2006 C/2006 Y15 (SOHO) SOHO-1250 C3 Animation
8 01/19/2007 C/2007 B5 (SOHO) SOHO-1258 C3 Animation 9 03/10/2009 C/2009 E4 (SOHO) SOHO-1620 C3 Animation 10 12/19/2010 C/2010 (SOHO) SOHO-1991 C3 Animation-1, 2



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