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Amateur Comet Hunters, Discoveries, Information & News

  • International Comet Quarterly Home
  • ICQ: Primary and Secondary Information on Comets and Observing Comets
  • ICQ: Recent Magnitude Estimates
  • Ephemerides: The complete solar systemcurrent comets
  • Nakano notes: Calculation of orbital elements
  • Astrometrical measurements by MPEC: - Link1 Link2 Link3
  • Alan Hale
  • Bernhard Häusler
  • COCD by Maik Meyer
  • Comet Chasing
  • Comet Section of BAA
  • Comet Homepage of Seiichi Yoshida
  • Comet Light Curves
  • Comet Observation Database of Črni Vrh Observatory
  • Comet Observers of the World
  • Comet Page of Sky and Telescope
  • David Levy
  • Don Machholz's
  • Gary Kronk's Cometography
  • Homepage of the Brazilian Comet Section
  • Homepage of the Dutch Comet Section
  • Homepage of the Spanish Comet Section
  • Martin McKenna's
  • Michael Jäger's
  • R. Bouma and E. van Dijk's Comet Page
  • Sebastian F. Hönig
  • Shigeki Murakami
  • Tsutomu Seki
  • VdS Fachgruppe Kometen
  • Vello Tabur
  • Yahoo Comet Observations Mailing List
  • Yahoo Comet Messages Mailing List

    SOHO/ STEREO Images, Report Page & Discussions

  • NRL LASCO realtime images
  • NASA SOHO realtime images
  • STEREO Science Center
  • SECCHI Images
  • SWAN Images
  • The SOHO/STEREO Sungrazer Website
  • U.S. Naval Research Laboratory LASCO Site
  • Yahoo Sohohunter Mailing List
  • Yahoo Stereohunter Mailing List

    SOHO/STEREO Ccomet Hunters

  • Alan Watson (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Dave Evans (Birmingham, England)
  • David Johnson (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
  • Heiner Otterstedt (Otterstedt, Deutschland)
  • Michael Oates (Manchester, England)
  • Michal Kusiak (Zywiec, Poland)
  • Mike Boschat (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • Rainer Kracht (Elmshorn, Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland)
  • Steve Farmer, Jr. (Ty Ty, Georgia, USA)
  • Terry Lovejoy (Queensland, Australia)
  • Toni Scarmato (San Costantino di Briatico, Calabria, Italy)
  • Tony Hoffman (New York, USA)
  • Xavier Leprette (Issy-les-Moulineaux, France)

  • Xing Gao (Urumqi, Xinjiang)
  • Quanzhi Ye (Guangzhou)
  • XingMing Zhou (Bole, Xinjiang)

    Sky Surveys

  • LONEOS (The Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Search)
  • Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) Home Page
  • The Catalina Sky Survey
  • The LINEAR Sky Survey
  • The Siding Spring Survey
  • The Mt. Lemmon Survey
  • The Spacewatch Survey