I observed this comet when participating in a party organized by the Guangdong Crucis Association or GCA for short in Panyu, Guangzhou. The majority of the members were observing the Perseids. The accurate observing lot was +22deg56m29s, 113deg28m09E.
2006 Aug 12 17:30 UT, 20cm S-C f/10 50x
Note: very diffuse; clear sky with high humidity after a heavy shower in the evening; moonlight interference;


Comparison Image taken on 2006 Aug 12.717 UT with Canon 20D+0.20m S-C, f/10, ISO 3200, 27sec+34sec+35sec, processed with FitsWork and IRIS 5.56; enhanced by binning 2 and wavelet; LM~15.3:


Corresponding starfield plotted by Carte du Ciel:


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