Man-To Hui (許文韜)

(Wentao Xu officially used and personally used before, pronounced in Mandarin Chinese)

According to my paternal grandfather, I am a descendant from northern Viet Nam before Ming Dynasty, during which my ancestors migrated northward to Guangxi, China, where they remained and graudally intermixed with the Han people ever since. If this story is reliable, then it is likely that my ethnicity is partly Gin (京 in Chinese, Kinh in Vietnamese). However, the pedigree records nothing about this part of history, but says that we were Hoklo immigrants. Taking into account that faking pedigrees was not rare in ancient southern China, because then the Han people were considered superior to any other peoples, I am totally confused. Nevertheless, none of my paternal relatives nowadays speak the Gin language (a dialect of Vietnamese) nor Hokkien. They all speak Hâm Lim Yuet (粵語欽廉片). Since I was born in 1990 in Canton, Guangdong, my first language is Cantonese, the most influential dialect of Yuet. By contrast, my maternal pedigree is much less uncertain. They are definitely the Hakka people (客家人).

Now I am a graduate student of EPSS, UCLA, working with legendary David Jewitt.

Current Working Address

Department of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences, UCLA
3711 Geology Building,
595 Charles Young Drive East
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1567

My Way to Astronomy

1994  I started reading books on astronomy. 
1997  My first successful observation of a partial solar eclipse in March, and a total lunar eclipse in September.
1998  I received a set of 15 × 50 binoculars from my father, with which I started my night-sky observations.
2000  I received a 8.0-cm refractor, f/10, as my first telescope and a birthday present from my mother. 
2003  Successful observations of the transit of Mercury in May, and of Mars during the perihelic opposition in August. 
2004  Successful observation of the transit of Venus in June.
2005  My first successful cometary observation: C/2004 Q2 (Machholz) in January. I discovered my first SOHO comet in November.
2006  I discovered my first asteroid in archival NEAT data, in June.
2008  My first successful observation of the total solar eclipse, in August in Xinjiang.
2010  My first quasi-successful observation of the annualr solar eclipse in January in Yunnan.
2013  I published my first peer-reviewed paper, in MNRAS, when I was jobless.
2015  I was admitted to EPSS, UCLA as a graduate studying planetary sciences.


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